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BSADC became affiliated to the BSAC on the 30th May 1983

We have received a 30 Year Certificate - see news section.




Welcome to the Brunei Sub Aqua Dive Club website! You are visitor number:

The dive club was established in September 1981 and is open to all divers in Brunei. Whether you are living in Brunei, or just visiting, the Brunei Dive Club is available to all certified divers from all diving associations, on production of your certification card and log book. It is a totally voluntary club and is financially independent of any other organisation. All the funds are raised by its members.

With our own large 10m Catamaran, we are able to accommodate 16 divers and visit dive sites to cater for all levels of experience, from shallow reefs, to wrecks at 30+ metres

The Club has a NITROX section and blends its own NITROX and is capable of blending TRI-MIX if/when required.

We have some Divers Qualified to 60 meters (TRI-MIX) and do run special dives to a number of wrecks available to us between 30 & 60 Meters for those Qualified and Experianced to make such dives.

You'll be amazed at the diversity of marine life here. All the reefs and wrecks have a large amount of life on and around them from soft and hard corals, to puffer and porcupine fish, giant barracuda, schooling trevally, scorpionfish, lion fish, moray eels, anemone fish, frog fish to name but a few, and if you are really lucky you might just spot an elusive whale shark and manta ray cruise past on your safety stop. Trips to Sipadan and Mabul island resorts are also excellent for muck diving and pelagics.

Don't have your own equipment?
We have a selection of equipment available for hire including tanks, BCD's, regulators and some weights. It would be best if you could provide your own mask and fins  we would be happy to let you know where these can be purchased.

Why not come along to one of our Club meetings held on Tuesday evenings at the Seafood Centre in Jalan Muara (the Tiong Hin roundabout end) and meet some of the members even become a member yourself.

The dive boat is available to go out on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays depending on weather and availability of boat captains (all our captains are club members who volunteer)!! During 2006 the Boat went out mainly on Sundays. This will continue in 2007 but we are hoping, with the increasing membership, that we will get out more on the Fridays and Saturday, this year.

2007 started with the club being able to supply NITROX for those members who are certified to dive NITROX and have opted in to pay for the equipment. we currently have eight members in the NITROX Squad. We are also able to blend TRI-MX if/when required.

So what is it all going to cost me?
Membership to the dive club is B$120 a year, (Please ask about our family and temporary memberships). allowing you to have voting rights, attend club functions, and only pay B$40 for a days diving (Excluding equipment hire and air fills).

Non-members pay B$60 for a days diving (Excluding equipment hire and air fills).

Tanks are B$5 each plus $5 if you require us to fill them for you. All other equipment cost B$5 a piece to hire. Weight Belt and weights counted as 1 item.


1 Diver for 1 Days diving (normally two dives) and has no equipment.
Day B$60 + 2 Bottles and Air B$20 +Regulator Set B$5 + BC B$5 + Weight Belt (inc weights) B$5.


Divers should bring Basic equipment (Mask Snorkel & Fins) AND DIVE COMPUTER, however Arrangements can be made if you do not have these with you.